March 31, 2016


Where do you meet?
We meet indoors every Thursday at the Castle climbing wall in North London and occasionally at the Reach in Woolwich and VauxWall East. We also have a busy schedule of outdoor meets across the UK and Europe. Please feel free to join us at the Castle or contact us and provide your email address so that we can add you on to our mailing list.

What if I haven’t climbed before?
We do not teach or instruct climbing. All climbers who wish to join Not So Trad need to be able to carry out the activity they wish to embark on i.e. bouldering, toproping or leading. If you have not climb before, we recommend undertaking an instruction session with a centre such as The Castle.

What if I have climbed before?
If you can climb unsupervised you can join us on any of our indoor meets and boulder with us however you will need to notify us via the Contact us page prior to coming to the meets. If you are not registered at the Castle you will need to register (you can do this online in advance). This will involve confirming you can fit a harness correctly, tie in, belay and hold a fall. However, only members of the BMC can belay NST members during a club meet.

Do I have to join Not So Trad straight away?
You’re welcome to come along to one or two indoor meets before deciding whether to join. After that if you want to continue climbing with us, you should become a member. Find out more about membership here.

I’m interested, what do I do now?
Contact us to arrange joining us on a Thursday night at the Castle or on an outdoor trip (subject to experience and BMC membership).  On Thursdays we meet prior to climbing at the seating area on the first floor next to the lead climbing area known as the ‘cafe lead wall’ between 7 – 7.15pm. NB: Note that this is where the cafe previously was located and there is no longer a cafe here.

Does this website have cookie and privacy policies?
Yup.  They’re here.  Now get up and come climbing!