March 31, 2016



Not So Trad have a very busy schedule of indoor and outdoor meets – there’s something going on every week of the year, and several events a week through the summer months.

Indoor meets

Our main weekly meet is at the Castle Climbing Centre, Stoke Newington on Thursday nights. We also meet informally at the Westway in Ladbroke Grove and the Reach in Woolwich. If you’ve climbed before, you’re welcome to join us bouldering at any of these meets.

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Outdoor meets

Our outdoor meet schedule runs year-round.  We climb all over the UK, and we organise half a dozen trips each year to Europe for sport climbing and alpine mountainteering.

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If you haven’t climbed before, you won’t be able to join one of our regular meets. We recommend beginners to take some courses at a climbing wall before getting in touch.